This “Language Ramblings” blog is a series of posts on the subject of language, by DJ Adams.

The SAP developer space is expanding, and embracing & adopting different kinds of technologies and development approaches, including but not limited to ideas and techniques all along the programming language spectrum.

In addition to that, there’s the client and server context of SAP’s future normal that is just begging for experimentation. With the client being HTML5-based, there’s JavaScript, which itself is going through some major improvements with ES6 right now, as well as having a rich set of libraries that pull the language in different directions, such as Immutable.js and Ramda. In addition, JavaScript is the compilation target for many languages (such as ClojureScript, TypeScript and CoffeeScript).

And with the SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) powering much of the present and future, with a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) model as one of its multiple hearts, the rich seam of the Java bytecode language ecosystem opens up to us as well: The JVM is also a compilation target for many languages, including Scala, Groovy, JRuby, Jython and Clojure.

This blog is to help gather a loose collection of occasional language ramblings, with thoughts on and pointers to blog posts that are interesting, inspirational and sometimes impenetrable!

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