Mindshift Series

by Chris Whealy

All source code from the Mindshift blog series can be found on GitHub

Part 1
What's the Difference Between the Imperative and Functional Styles of Programming?

Part 2
Moving from an Imperative to a Functional Way of Thinking

Part 3
Understanding JavaScript Arrow Functions

Part 4
Using Minimal Arrow Functions

Part 5
Using Quantity Functions to Perform Basic Arithmetic

Part 6
Boolean Values and Pairs

Part 7
Ordering a Takeaway

Part 8
Using Minimal Functions To Build Predicates And Boolean Operators

Part 9
Preparing For Combinators

Part 10
Recursion Using Only Anonymous Functions

Part 11
Deriving the Y-Combinator

Part 12
Divide and Conquer

Part 13
Using Functions to Create a Simple List

Part 14
Functional Cartography: Using the MAP function

Part 15
Implementing the REDUCE function

Part 16
Preparing For Negative Numbers

Part 17
Passing Through Zero (and Surviving!)

Part 18
Subtraction Using Addition

Part 19
Multiplication and Division